Our staff will be happy to assist you in setting up those special moments that you will always remember. Whether it be a day hike, a special restaurant request, or perhaps a little something more adventurous. 

Let us help you plan or book your daily adventures.

JetBoat Rides

NEW for 2014!

Enjoy an exciting ride, combining adrenaline and speed with breathtaking landscapes on the picutresque Lake of Brienz. The roundtrip brings you from the port of Boenigen to the famous „Giessbach- Waterfalls“ and back again.



Want to have the experience of a lifetime? Soar tandem over the Interlaken area and get one of the best views ever of the Alps!


Hang Gliding

If Paragliding is too tame for you, experience a little faster thrill by trying Hang Gliding. Whether you want a smooth gliding flight or a heart pumping thrill ride with stalls, dives, and wingovers, our hang gliding pros will show you the skies.


The ultimate adventure is still sky diving. Experience the thrill of a freefall with an experienced instructor. You will be overwhelmed with an adrenalin rush like never before as you drop towards the earth for 50 seconds at 120 miles per hour (200 km/hr).


Canyon Jumping

The adrenaline kicks in standing on a platform attached to a very long rope looking down at the glacial canyon. You jump and accelerate in freefall for 85 meters before the rope smoothly swings you at high speed through the narrow glacial canyon.


Go with the flow! Jump into foaming pools, abseil down waterfalls, and slither down natural waterslides. 

Helicopter Tours

Crown your visit to the Bernese Oberland with a helicopter flight to the world famous mountain trio of the Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau.

Bungy Jumping

Our bungy jumping sites are spectacular. The thrill of freefall combined with awesome alpine surroundings is what makes our jumps extra special. A bungy jump is the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

River Rafting

Rafting is the classic outdoor adventure! Paddling down a river with the splash of cold water in your face, rafting is always a thrill. From easy flat water to action-packed white water, rain or shine rafting is always fun.

No previous rafting experience is necessary.

Ice Climbing

Ice climb the Swiss Alps! Imagine yourself rappelling deep into a glacier, surrounded by the most impressive mountains in the world.

Anyone without any alpine experience can ice climb a glacier in the Swiss alps. You don't even have to have muscular arms.


Heliskiing in Switzerland is a thrill of a lifetime. The helicopter flight to the summit provides an extremely magnificent view of the Swiss alps, including the notorious Eiger North Face. From a spectacular height of 3900m (12795 ft), you carve ruthlessly through kilometers of superb snow, back down to the valley floors.

For this adventure, you must be a strong, experienced, off-piste skier or snowboarder.